Bike update (January ‘09)

When we moved from Redmond to Kirkland in December, it put me outside the “reasonable commute distance” for the Mongoose mountain bike... which may or may not have been all a part of my nefarious plan to “convince” Mrs. Reed to “permit” me to buy a motorcycle. Muwahahaha. Er-ehem. Nevermind.

But upgrade from the Mongoose, I did. Ultimately, I want something more of an “adventure bike” like a V-Strom or a BMW, but the little Dave Ramsey that sits on my shoulder these days reminded me to only buy what I could pay cash for. And the previously enjoyed motorcycle I picked was definitely a sexy red color! Gotta love that “magma pearl red”!! Vrrrooom!!!


(The bike above is the same year-model and color as mine, but I don’t have any pix of me on it yet. My 2005 doesn’t have all the decals on it that a ZX-6R normally does for some reason. I meant to ask the previous owner why he pulled ‘em off, but I forgot. Have to save some pennies and put ‘em back on myself someday soon.)

Now that the global warming has returned to the Seattle area and melted the past month of ice and snow, I finally got to ride it to work this morning for the first time. A lot less exercise than the Mongoose, but also a LOT more fun to ride!! Filling up the tank with premium for $7 was also a big plus. (The Sequoia still costs me $60+ to fill up the tank. Will definitely feel like riding in a cage from now on.)

The riding community inside Microsoft has been great, very welcoming and informative. (Read: answering my stupid n00b13 questions with a modicum of patience and sympathy.) Any other riders out there in the broader SQL Server community? I’m sure there are. What’re you riding?

Comments (3)

  1. Andrew Dugdell says:

    I’ve always wanted to take a bike trip in/around/thru Seattle.  But being an Aussie and we ride on the "other" side of the road =)    now that I know there is a healthy biking community I’ll look you guys up the next time I visit.

  2. reedme says:

    That’d be fun, Andrew. There are charity runs throughout most of the year, and there’s always the track if you’ve got more of a desire for speed than you have sense (like me). Look me up the next time you’re in town; I’ll probably still be in building 35.

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