Now that’s funny! Air Force RoE for Blogging?

My tax dollars at work. Trust the military to "document" something that's already available from any reputable PR agent. Heh. I guess not everybody gets to be an astronaut, fighter pilot or superhacker in the Air Force.

The Air Force’s Rules of Engagement for Blogging (

In all seriousness, though, I've learned enough PR by osmosis (and mandatory company training) that I'm going to keep my complaints about the Zune leap year bug to myself. I hate running to the so-called "music" that they pipe into the ProClub. It burns us, it does! I'm going to have to find somebody on the Zune team to challenge to a chess boxing match.

In other news, we've been using Netflix's Watch Instantly feature on the Xbox and the TiVo HD (mostly to compare them) to discover Really Bad Shows That We've Never Heard Of™ this week. Pretty entertaining stuff, if you like bad TV and movies, that is. We'd never heard of "Space Rangers" or Disney's "American Dragon" among others. I'd forgotten how bad the writing for Voltron was!

Merry New Year, y'all!

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