Who are you and what do you want with my data?

If you’ve got data, there are probably people who want to use it, analyze it, do things with it... that you never imagined and possibly don’t want them to. “Those people” might even be government agents. Who can put you in jail. If you’re not careful with your data.

Do you have a plan for data governance and regulatory compliance?

We’d like to help.

Brent says: As somebody who’s gone through the whitepaper start to finish (with a lot of guidance from JC’s team) I can tell you that this is really good stuff.  If you work for a public company subject to regulations, if you work with sensitive financial data, or if you work with health care data, you need to read this doc. New SQL Server 2008 Compliance Guide

Are you the Gate Keeper? Are you the Key Master? Or is there only Zhoul?


p.s. SCAN and SQL PASS have been a great week so far. It’s good to meet a lot of you in person. Come by the product pavilion and the Ask-the-Experts table and say howdy. I’ll be one of the 300 people wearing a brown shirt. Heh.

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  1. Brent Ozar says:

    HAHAHA, love the Ghostbusters reference.  Been forever since I’ve seen that.

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