That’s not teen spirit I smell…

I’m not sure that I’m ready to smell my video games yet…

Researchers in Birmingham have been developing new technology to add smells to the virtual world of video games. Firm adds smell to video games (

We’ve already got people getting nauseas from the visual input alone. I haven’t played the demo for Mirror’s Edge yet, but it sounds pretty cool even though Some People™ seem to have trouble keeping their lunches where they belong. I will admit that some of the game play in Prey made me a little queasy… and I’m a skydiver.

Although, I kind of wonder what Imulsion™ from the Gears universe smells like. Crude oil? Something more refined? Hrm. Makes you think of that sewer scene from the factory in the original Gears of War. I’ll pass.

Even though Mirror’s Edge is supposed to release on my birthday, it’ll have to wait. As soon as I’m done chasing achievements in Gears of War 2 and Dead Space, I’ll get there. Oh, wait. What do I do about Left for Dead? Talk about a game that I don’t want to smell!!

No, I’m positive that I’m not ready to smell my video games yet.

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