Voting in R’lyeh?

I’m pretty sure that Lovecraft would know how to interpret these “mysterious massive waves”, especially since the last time that New England (home to Arkham and other scary places in ‘20s pulp fiction) saw this kind of big wave was in the ‘20s... Our pal H.P. would tell us that Cthulhu woke up long enough to vote.

Specialists have posed a variety of possible explanations, saying the waves could have been caused by a powerful storm squall or the slumping of mountains of sediment from a steep canyon in the ocean - a sort of mini tsunami. The last time such rogue waves appeared in Maine was at Bass Harbor in 1926. Massive waves a mystery at Maine harbor (

Who that particular Great Old One voted for, in your opinion, probably depends on your political persuasion. I personally think that Cthulhu got more than one write-in vote today. Heh.

I do think it’s interesting that there seem to be no reports of seismic activity, which would seem to rule out a tectonic angle or large impact. Hrm.

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