AdventureWorks2010, anyone?

We’re doing planning work for SQL Server Kilimanjaro and the next SQL Server wave that follows it, which means product samples, community projects and AdventureWorks. Some people have suggested doing away with AdventureWorks in favor of something new, but I don’t see that happening... unless there is an enormous groundswell from the community on the subject. You decide.

As it is, about the only thing that we’ve “settled on” so far is that the schema will be based on AdventureWorks2008 and the working name of the database will be AdventureWorks2010. [Maybe it shows my age, but 2010 still feels like it’s a long way off… not just a short year and couple months.] Yeah, we’re decoupling a bit from the SQL Server release vehicle(s) so that we can rev AdventureWorks as needed instead of only at specific release milestones.

Anyway, we’re committed to being more open about our plans for AdventureWorks and our other open source projects. So come see what we’re working on, vote on the work items that are there, propose new work items if there’s something else that you’d like to see us do with the samples databases.

AdventureWorks Issue Tracker

Over the coming weeks, we’re planning to move all of our day2day source control management for all SQL Server product samples and community projects to CodePlex, so look for more activity and more regular activity than you’ve seen in the past.

Comments (4)

  1. int19h says:

    One thing that would be appeciated is also having some _small_ (no more than 10 tables) testing database for quickly trying out the most basic features, and similarly experimenting.

  2. reedme says:

    Hey, int19h, if AdventureWorks2008LT doesn’t meet your needs (it has ten content tables and two metadata tables), file a work item on CodePlex and tell us what you’d like to see in your "simple sample" database.

  3. int19h says:

    Apparently, I’ve missed LT… yes, this is just what I wanted, thank you.

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