Simplifying AdventureWorks setup

FYI, we’re actively working on improving the setup experience for the SQL Server 2008 sample databases (aka AdventureWorks). We’ve heard your feedback and we’re acting on it. Here are some of the salient points you’ll see for the Halloween update (Samples Refresh 1):

  • Fewer selections to make to choose the appropriate download.
  • All the AdventureWorks databases (both versions) in one small package.
  • Streamlined automatic deployment of databases to your local instance.

Here’s a visual comparison of what the release page may look like the next time you download AdventureWorks:


Some potential future improvements that we’re considering for the next refresh of SQL Server 2008 samples:

  • Individual selection of the databases to install.
  • Automated deployment of Analysis Services cubes.
  • A ClickOnce SQL Server Community Samples browser application.

As always, we value your feedback and want to hear it, good and bad. After all, we’re building these things for you! If they’re not what you want/need, tell us what you do want/need!! That’s why we’re in the process of moving all of our community and samples work items out into the open on CodePlex. Create one and tell us what you want to see us working on!

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