Developers MERGE thyselves?

I was reading this article a while back and wondering if “database developers” and “regular developers” agree. As Microsoft sees it, the roles of the database-centric developer and "regular" developer are less distinct than they once were, so the company is merging its VSTS database and development products. As of October 1, those who…


Meet the Reedz on Xbox Live

It’s always interesting to see how other people see themselves. Or want to be seen. Maybe it’s the latent social scientist training from decades gone by in graduate school. Who knows? Giving them no specific directions besides “make an avatar for yourself”, I turned the family loose on the Xbox Live avatar creator… with interesting…


AdventureWorks2010, anyone?

We’re doing planning work for SQL Server Kilimanjaro and the next SQL Server wave that follows it, which means product samples, community projects and AdventureWorks. Some people have suggested doing away with AdventureWorks in favor of something new, but I don’t see that happening… unless there is an enormous groundswell from the community on the…


Get your beta on! SQL Server 2005 SP3 Beta

No new features. Lots of good fixes rolled up in one package. Download details: SQL Server 2005 SP3 Beta We don’t call them “service packs” inside SQL Server anymore, but it would seem that a lot of people have a Linus’ blanket reaction to the term, so we’ll call it SP3 to make everyone happy….


We don‘t need yet another database security czar.

I was reading this article about recent data breaches that was recommending Yet Another Government Agency® and (no surprise) I started getting mad: A program to share best practices among agencies at all levels of government and create cybersecurity templates, even if they are not mandated, would be a big step forward in data security,…


Does censorship work as expected?

Tihs g0t m3 th1nklng… Ars Technica, which reported on the patent both when Microsoft applied for it in 2004 as well as now that it has been granted, notes that the technology could be used for more than just censoring profanity, suggesting that perhaps China or another government would want it employed for other phrases,…


Simplifying AdventureWorks setup

FYI, we’re actively working on improving the setup experience for the SQL Server 2008 sample databases (aka AdventureWorks). We’ve heard your feedback and we’re acting on it. Here are some of the salient points you’ll see for the Halloween update (Samples Refresh 1): Fewer selections to make to choose the appropriate download. All the AdventureWorks…


More AdventureWorks in the blogosphere…

Thanks for the plug, Stuart! Installing the AdventureWorks Sample Databases (Stuart Cox’s Tech Punch) We’re working on simplifying the setup experience for AdventureWorks in time for Halloween, but we appreciate the assist!


Mail Goggles? Really? Is it April Fools’ again already?

It’s funny enough that it pretty much speaks for itself… "It will check that you’re really sure you want to send that late night Friday email," Perlow wrote. "And what better way to check than by making you solve a few simple math problems after you click send to verify you’re in the right state…