SQL Server Samples in the News and Print

The humorous old adage (which my friends in PR righteously deplore) is that "There's no such thing as bad press, as long as they spell your name right."

SQL Server 2008: First Impressions

Desperately Seeking Samples

SQL Server 2008 Transact-SQL Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (Recipes: a Problem-Solution Approach)

You be the judge.

Which reminds me to remind you: If you’ve got good things to say about SQL Server Samples™ and/or AdventureWorks, I'm your guy and I want to hear from you!! If you've got bi-, er, complaints about them, then... well, I'm your guy, too, and believe it or not, I want to hear that not so shiny stuff, too.

We will be hosting MVPs and other SQL PASS attendees for breakfast specifically to get YOUR input about SQL Server community and samples projects. If you're going to be attending SQL PASS this year (they've even got a shiny new website!), let me know so that I can make sure that you get an invite to the samples breakfast (I'm buyin').

<insert_jedi_mind_trick>You will attend SQL PASS this year.</insert_jedi_mind_trick>

If that didn't work and you're still not going to be attending SQL PASS, please let us know what you want to see new or changed from We the Community (yes, that includes you, because I'm not doin' it all alone). The best way to do that is to create a work item here for samples generally or here for AdventureWorks and other sample databases.




p.s. Thanks, William, Michelle and Joseph!!

p.p.s. Lovin' the new Windows Live Writer Beta. Of course, this is just my first post with it. The new preview is awesome. I just wish I could publish from OneNote through Live Writer in some for or fashion other than cut-n-paste… *hint* (Yes, I've tried the blog-from-Word option. It no formattie correctlie when posting to Community Server.) Of course, I can't find the Format Painter in OneNote and Live Writer draft posts are difficult to sync in between different workstations, so… Win some, lose some. I wish I could win more. *pout*

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