It’s hard to tell.

Are we supposed to take them seriously?

"There's a limited supply of hadrons in the universe. Do we just want to go around destroying them? What if we run out? What if the hadrons can feel pain? Will we look back at this hundreds of years from now and regret it? Kinda like we do with the killing of bacteria with antibiotics now."
Group Protests Treament of Hadrons at CERN (

There are people opposed to killing bacteria? Um. I don't know what to say... At least that should be said out loud. In public. In mixed company. Wow. Somebody needs to get off unemployment and get a day job.

There's a more limited supply of other things that I'm more concerned about. Like Too Human. It doesn't get released until next Tuesday! I'll have several whole "mandatory vacation" days with no new Xbox games until then... I might have to break down and buy Braid. Or maybe not. I'll play the demo and probably decide that Penny Arcade was right and wrong at the same time. As usual.

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  1. oh lawds says:

    No, you’re not supposed to take them seriously… it’s a joke, heh. Check out some of the other articles on BBSpot. It’s a comedy site, like The Onion.

  2. reedme says:

    Thanks for the clarification, oh lawds. In other words, it’s as reliable a source as CNN. I’ve never run across BBSpot before, but I love The Onion, who reported this week that the Earth exploded without warning. (It would’ve been funnier if attributed to Global Warming®.) I guess BBSpot is about as not-funny-ha-ha-funny-queer as most of Penny Arcade or PETA. They do need a better name than BBSpot… BBs are just as dead the dodo.

  3. szurgot says:

    Get Braid. It’s worth it. Very entertaining, and engaging, even if it is a bit short.

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