Another example of life imitating video games… at the zoo?

You know, this might be funnier if my youngest son (who's 8) wasn't currently playing Madagascar like a hyperactive, caffeine-addicted monkey. (He has autism, so the similarity between his hyperactivity and caffeine addiction is entirely superficial. He doesn't need the caffeine boost to swing from the chandeliers.)

But I can't go into the living room these days without seeing a zebra with Chris Rock's voice kicking the snot out of something... and apparently those penguins really are psychotic. Geez.

Now giraffes are apparently getting combat training from video games! How irresponsible is that?

The Associated Press: Giraffe helps camels, zebras escape from circus

Where's Jack Thompson when you need him?! The real danger from video games isn't to teenage boys, it's the zoo animals!!

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