Can your IT guy do this? Can you?

Ah, this brings back memories.

The 30 skills every IT person should have (

It's probably funnier to me since over the course of history, I've been:

  • The nerd guy
  • The pizza guy
  • The delivery guy
  • The police guy
  • The computer guy
  • The network guy
  • The security guy
  • The consulting guy
  • And the list goes on...

Ted's ranting and raving over @ SSC about not wanting to be the IT Guy. You are, Ted. Get over it. People generalize, so just be glad that it's a relatively innocuous stereotype that you're caught in.

I agree that I'm not a typical IT admin monkey, but... Like it or not, we're "IT guys," Ted. You might convince somebody to call you the database guy, but there's strength in numbers. I recommend T-shirts and bumper stickers:

I'm an IT guy, and I vote.



p.s. Three cheers for the Supreme Court! They finally got one right this week in Heller. w00t!

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