Cool (Free, Open) Tools: SQL RSS

Even if nobody has asked you for an RSS feed of data in one or more of your databases, it won’t be long before they do! When they do, you can grab this configurable, easy to use data-driven RSS feed widget.

A couple ideas for using this application:

  • Business intelligence updates delivered to Microsoft Outlook 2007 for management.
  • Proactive application event logs to your Vista Sidebar news gadget FTW!

I’m sure you can think of more… Check it out!

SQL RSS on (Microsoft SQL Server Community & Samples)

It’s also a great way to get a solid introduction to these technologies:

  • Change Data Tracking (CDT) feature of SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • The syndication feed feature of WCF
  • LINQ to XML

Join us!
This project is a bit different than other SQL Server-sponsored projects. We want YOU to contribute to it. We are actively seeking other people (i.e. not on my team) to enhance and grow this project. Whether you work for Microsoft or not, let us know if you’d like to help!

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