Everyone’s a critic…

I'm sure there's a Customer Service Law™ on the subject (the 1:10 rule, or whatever), but sometimes you just have to ignore complaints. Sometimes not. Heh. One of the Steves sent this one to me by way of asking who it would make a difference to complain to:

In the spirit of not complaining without at least trying to offer some alternatives, these might tweak the system to be more effective:
How to Improve MS Connect - It Depends

My first reaction was, "I think Connect needs it’s own section for people to file Connect bugs and vote on features." I like recursion and self-referentialness.

Heh. Whaddya know? It already has one! Who knows if anybody is watching it these days, but… There's only one way to find out, Andy!

Connect @ Connect.Microsoft.com
This site is intended for users of the Microsoft Connect Web site and by extension Microsoft's software to provide feedback on the Connect Web site and its functionality.
Created: 9/13/2005

By the way, Andy and Steve0001, as far as I can tell, the best you can do right now is to negatively prioritize something is not vote. 😉 RSS feeds are great idea! It's the newest source of spam that I have to learn how to manage/ignore in my inbox.

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