Oh, snap! Survey sez SQL Server community rulez?!

OK, I'll admit it. I'm always very behind in reading industry blogs, rags, whatever. And I'm biased. Heh. OTH, Sean McCown can hardly be called biased toward Microsoft... so when he and I agree on something, I'm glad that he's come around to see The Truth™. Hee-hee!

(No, I don't normally talk like that. I don't even know for sure what "oh, snap!" means. It just seemed like a funny thing to say. If I offended anybody, I'm only sorry that it was accidental. 😉

Tom's blog is what lead me to Sean's (although I'd heard other people discussing it - yes, Microsoft pays attention to the World Outside Redmond™): The real difference between SQL Server and Oracle, in 2 parts (Tom Sullivan) 

[Yes, I know I need to stop working and read more blogs. I know. I've only got ~6,000 unread email in my inbox. My Xbox misses me, too.]

Since a big part of my job description is continuing to build and expand the SQL Server community that we're talking about, I'm glad that other people agree that what we (all of us, including YOU) have already created in that community ROCKS!! It's not perfect by any means, but like democracy, it sure [censored]s less than all of the alternatives. Heh.

Part 1 is cool. Thanks for saying nice things about us, Sean! (We didn't even have to pay him to say them. Ha-ha.)

The answer is simple: information. Microsoft has built such a strong community and its members are committed to helping each other. There are so many forums out there you just don't have time to go to them all. And one of the most amazing things I've found is that the MSDN forums are actually sharked by Microsoft's own PSS and dev teams. You just can't get any better than that. You've got both the guys on the support team, and the guys who actually write the code helping you with your problem. You've got MVPs out there writing new and exciting books like crazy. They're really giving up all the secrets on how SQL works, and what you can do with it.
The real difference between SQL Server and Oracle (Sean McCown)

Part 2 is just funny. Although I have to wonder why Sean was surprised at the reaction... The interwebs being what they are, the "overwhelming" response to anything the smells like a troll is usually painful.

Because while I don't know the research skills of everyone who wrote me, I do know my own. I research things for a living basically. And if I've had problems finding some of these resources, then I know others have too.
Oracle's community: part 2 (Sean McCown)

A lot of people think that SQL Server info is hard to find, so I can only imagine how hard it is to find Oracle headlight fluid... We're always working on ways to make SQL Server info easier to find.

Ultimately, though, the community is YOU. You, the SQL Heroes™ are the ones who made it a reality. We've still got a lot of work to do, so this is no time to be resting on our laurels. Which reminds, me? Where is YOUR contest entry? Hrm?

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