Be there. Do that. Get the T-shirt.

Since I've never been to an MVP Global Summit, Tech*Ed or the SQL PASS summit, I'm looking forward to going this year. Since I will have T-shirts, I'm hoping that I won't have to be lonely. Heh.

SQL Heroes : The T-shirts have arrived.

If you don't have a clue about what kind of project to start, keep an eye on the SQL Heroes blog! Although I will *not* be blogging about actual contest entries until the Contest Period™ is over, I will be blogging about Community Projects™ that *I* want to see.

If you've got a great contest idea that you want to "protect" and you haven't signed up for the contest yet... you'd better get started... or I might "accidentally" blog your great idea for all the world to see. Heh.

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