I’m sorry. I laughed. It was funny.

I'm sorry. I laughed. It was funny.

Now I know why I was told to always keep a large, black duffel bag on-hand. And what the "no skateboarding" signs all over Redmond are for.

Life At Microsoft - The Truth Revealed (Tina Wood | Channel 10)

It's eerie how the over-green, park-like campus landscaping now seems designed for the sole purpose of concealing ponds for "disposal of [evidence]."

Going to have to get some 8.5x11 autograph-quality self-portrait photos to match my Sharpie pen desk set. That's a great tip, Tina.

I think I recognize a could of the building lobbies, but I could be wrong... Heh.

Marketing obviously has waaay too much free time on their hands. I'm glad they're keeping busy!

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