Tracking Politicians Like Bugs?

The suggestion is to track politicians positions like software products and file bugs against them to determine their suitability for installation in office. Nope, not April 1st yet! Whaddya think?

If a candidate takes a position I disagree with, such as calling for corporate windfall profit taxes, amnesty for illegal aliens or an artificial timetable for surrender, a bug is created and assigned a priority. If a candidate has too many unresolved, high-priority defects, I wouldn’t vote to deploy that product into the Oval Office.
Tracking Politicians Like Bugs (SD Times)

Synchronicity being what it is, that little article over @ SD Times actually tracks with a conversation that my wife and I were having last night about how she thinks we might get better candidates to run for office. Having been deeply involved with party politics (as my campaign manager and treasurer), she's starting to have more and more of a Darth Vader mindset about what ails the system: "They should be made to [agree]!" (For those of you who hated Star Wars Episodes 1, 2 & 3, I'm sorry for bringing up painful Jar-Jar-esque memories.)

Seriously, though, I think she's still a little disappointed that I dropped out of my run for Congress this year to move to Redmond and work for the SQL Server product team instead. No, really, I'm in the FEC database! See, this post is database-related after all. Heh.

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