Now playing in my Zune podcasts… Escape Pod

After finally making time to explore the 'cast inventory in the new Zune client*, I've found a few that I'm catching up on (my politically-oriented, paid-for 'casts notwithstanding). Escape Pod is first (Ask a Ninja will be second) and I just listened to EP107 which was a dramatic reading of a Hugo Award nominee short story (titled “Eight Episodes” by Robert Reed, no relation) that will make ya’ think. It’s an interesting perspective on nanoexploration of the universe.

Why would a story about a teeny-tiny alien spaceship be rated PG? You'll have listen to find out. It's actually a sad, but humorous, commentary on academia...

Rated PG. Contains some suggestive imagery, references to infidelity, and not very good television.
Escape Pod » EP107: Eight Episodes

EP109 might be one that I listen to with my kids later this evening on the Xbox**. Heh.

Why did I start with EP107? I didn't. I started with the unnumbered one before it because that was the first on the Zune had listed. Now that I know I've missed the first 100+, my OCD will require that I download them all and listen to them again in order. Later.

This is actually database-related, because I originally started off to figure out how to get the SQL Server Central 'cast onto my Zune, but... I got sidetracked into scifi. Whoops. If you say that you've never been distracted by miscellany, you're lying to yourself -or- you wouldn't understand why I now have dozens of new movie and video game soundtracks on my Zune, too. My wife suggested that I should listen to something else when I started humming the tunes from Mass Effect soundtrack all the time, so it must be time to wear out, the Halo trilogy tunes, Transformers and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. The soundtrack for Mechwarrior 4 was pretty good, so I'll have to dig up the CD and re-rip it.

I'll have to try again later to get Steve's 'cast when I get more time with my personal Tablet PC at home.***


* Although I absolutely hate the way the new client forces me to organize my 'casts, I'm getting used to it. I want to choose a 'cast and just play all the episodes in order! Or better yet, just organize them myself like music without manipulating the file metadata!!

** Assuming that the relatively new firmware on the Zune will let me find my Zune podcasts from the Xbox media center.

*** In case anybody at Xbox Live is list-, er, reading, I really want a way to manage my Zune from the Xbox without a PC. Pretty please?? I'll buy more Xbox hard drives and storage cards, I promise!

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