Not quite a chocolate factory, but…

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (either version, since I skipped the remake) was never really my speed: no big explosions, no massive firefights or lightsaber duels, no well-choreographed martial arts scenes, nothing but the illusion of candy to keep my attention.

Nevertheless, a roomful of chocolate "sounds appealing" at first thought, unless you consider the implications...

In addition, sinking into the easy chairs was discouraged — unless you wanted to rise with a chocolate-covered derriere.
Godiva offers a night in chocolate room (

It really doesn't seem all that exciting or romantic after all, except maybe as a porn flick for the scatalogically-inclined. Ick!

At my age, even if I weren't trying to shed a few extra pounds, the thought of eating a pound of chocolate (or more) just makes me queasy.

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