Internet vigilante justice?

I'm not advocating mob justice generally; however, this is the *only* case in which I can remember the media even coming close to a retraction of it's horribly biased, agenda-based drivel. "They" put up unresearched stories full of unnecessary ambiguity and emotionally-loaded 'nonsense' (to put it mildly)...

As one Amazon user put it: “I know all about this book but have never fully read it. Why? Due to the overwhelming backlash, I have no choice but to agree with the 1 star ratings. The rumors are rampant that this book was poorly written and poorly researched. So without verifying the contents myself — I give it a 1 star. Good thing video games aren’t judged in this manner — whew!!!”
Mass Effect - Video Games (New York Times)

Protests and political activity never seem to change media misbehavior. This time, though, gamers fire back and score on the pocket book of the ignorant talking head.

<insert_ironic_but_comical_tune />

In completely unrelated news, the SQL Server Business Unit snowball fight is scheduled today (20080128) from 12:00-12:30 Pacific Time in the common area between Buildings 34 and 35. There's more than enough snow for everyone!

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