Hi, Mom! (And everybody else.)

"So, what do you do?" It's a common enough question, right? Usually immediately subsequent to "Where do you work?" People ask it to break the ice. They ask it because they're interested. They ask it because they can't believe somebody actually pays me to work @ Microsoft. Heh. Even my eight year-old son asks me the same question. Over and over. Again this morning, before breakfast!

Imagine trying to explain what a Program Manager does to an eight year-old. (Apparently all of my previous attempts at explanation have been lost in the mists of prepubescent time.) Well, actually, I'm still struggling to figure it out myself and I are one (for almost a whole month now!).

So, here goes... For my mother, my oldest son (and everybody else who cares), I've circled below the little corner of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 that is more (or less) my fault in some small fashion. The rest of the team has been doing it for a lot longer than I and they deserve all the real credit! I'm just showing up at the last minute to take the blame. Heh.


With the November 2007 Community Technology Preview (aka CTP5), we added a link from the SQL Server Installation Center to our little home in CodePlex where all of the "official" samples live. You'll also find a shortcut to it after installation under Microsoft SQL Server 2008\Documentation and Tutorials\Microsoft SQL Server Samples Overview. At least it was there with the CTP5 bits... (Let's hope it stays there, eh?)

We've got a lot of cool new stuff coming "real soon now" from the SQL Server Community & Samples team, so stay tuned here, on Bonnie's blog and on CodePlex.com\SQLServerSamples.

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