LCD Panels are sooo yesterday…

Since I had lasik done, I haven't missed my contacts a bit... but I might be willing to put them back in my eyes if it means better resolution, image quality and portability than this enormous pair of LCD panels on my desk.

Adding displays directly onto the lenses, visible to the wearers but no one else, could project critical information onto windshields for drivers or pilots or superimpose computer images onto real-world objects for training exercises. And with a wireless connection to the Internet, the lenses could allow bus or train riders to surf the Web on virtual screens suspended in midair or pave the way for gaming enthusiasts to immerse themselves in virtual worlds with no restrictions on their range of motion (although perhaps adding a further nuisance for fellow commuters).
The vision of the future seen in bionic contact lens - Frontiers -

I like the part about not needing batteries, too. Fiction keeps getting closer to science!

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