SQL Server gurus! Get connected to CodePlex.

First off, CodePlex is looking for developers. That seems like the best way to get plugged in. Heh. I have a vested interest in seeing you top-notch coders working on CodePlex. I know several great coders out there; you know who you are, so apply! More on my vested interest later.

Looking for developers to join the CodePlex team!

There are also lots of different ways to get plugged directly into the source control (Team Foundation Server).

  1. The CodePlex command line client. Free, as in beer. (Makes me hum about Power Shell to the tune of I want my MTV.) Works for anonymous, developers and coordinators.
  2. Teamprise Explorer (standalone, plug-in for Eclipse or command line client). Free, as in beer. Does not support anonymous access.
  3. TortoiseSVN. Free, as in beer. I used this one a lot in previous lives and loved it. Works for anonymous, developers and coordinators.
  4. Visual Studio Team Explorer. You may own it already, depending on your Visual Studio edition or MSDN subscription level. Does not support anonymous access.

See What clients can I use for source control with CodePlex? for more details.

What does this have to do with SQL Server specifically? You mean besides the fact that all the SQL Server Samples are in CodePlex? Well, besides that, I have a secret or three up my sleeve with regards to CodePlex (pending management approval). If you're already plugged into CodePlex, you'll be that much further ahead of the game when the other shoe drops.

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