Inquiring transplants want to know, too: Who ordered snow?

When I was interviewing, everybody kept telling me how it *wink* almost never snows here. *wink* Uh-huh. Sure. Seen it twice already since we moved. Must be global warming.

"Schools running late but not work."
Steve Clayton: Geek In Disguise : Who ordered snow?

Bought a Sequoia anyway, so there.

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  1. says:

    and you were a Merit Scholar?

  2. reedme says:

    Oh, so you’re the NorCal jerk who did it, huh, sundanceca? I see how you are. 😛

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    They lied. Check out these photos of main campus this very same week last year

    Think it’s tough for you?  I transplanted from Hawaii…

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