Wow. A first time for everything…

I've had the Halo 3-branded Zune since the first day of their public availability... It's been what, seven, eight months now? More? I still remember when the delivery guy dropped it off at the front door. Doesn't seem that long ago.

I thought I'd found (drum roll) a Microsoft product that never needed to be rebooted! Well, I found the next best thing. One (non-software upgrade) restart in well over half a year. Not bad. I have to reboot my phone all the time! I think I've had two, maybe three, software/firmware/whatever upgrade restarts of the Zune in that time.

To reboot your Zune:

It doesn't have to be a simultaneous press: you can first press the Back button then while holding that button, press and hold the control pad upward.
How to Reboot Your Zune (Zune Thoughts)

Ah, that's what I get for finally trying to delete the preloaded junk (besides the Halo soundtracks).

Still not sure I like the new Zune software. At least it's not brown! (Brown's not the new black, J. I'm sorry. Black is black. Brown is UPS. If I didn't have the Master Chief's Zune, I'd have a black one.)

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