No. Yes. Zune!

As if I have to answer, but...

Every dumb yuppie poser has an iPod. Your parents and grandparents have iPods. Do you really want to be like them? Or are you a rebel, a hipster, the first on your block to have something different?
Zune's New Tune (

No. Yes. Zune, Zune, Zune!*

Sara Itani (17yoa) told Forbes:

"I love it. It's better than the iPod Nano. The interface blows me away. It's more efficient. And the Zune software is really pretty. It makes iTunes look like a spreadsheet, honestly."

She said, "iTunez == Spreadsheet. Heh."

The subscription feature absolutely rawks! I didn't know that iTunez fell short in the regard... but that would've been a deal-breaker. I loved Urge, too, but the Zune no workie with Urge.


* With humblest apologies to the Mazda marketing team and the original, geriatric artist. 😉

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