Mr. Jobs, welcome to the slightly bigger time…

Not a whole lot here to say, just entertainment value. After all the Mac v. PC commercials, I will laugh my considerable posterior off if Apple winds up creating a UAC-style prompt to warn their customers that an application is attempting to access critical system components...

Apple declined to discuss specific steps it was taking to counter the growing number of attacks. However, Apple said: “We take security very seriously and have a great track record for addressing vulnerabilities before they can affect users.”
Apple’s rising popularity lures hackers (

Transparency and disclosure, anyone? Nah, why would Apple want to do that?

The article doesn't mention whether specific versions of the Mac o/s were targeted, but I will speculate wildly that perhaps it's easier to "hack the Mac" now that it has Linux Inside®? Heh.

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    Linus! Linus! Linus!

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