I quit!

Well, not exactly. This post title is just my nod to the yellow journalism that pervades the media these days... Where have all the reporters gone? Long time ago? (Sorry, that song is stuck in my head this morning.)

I'm making the leap. Taking the plunge. Leaving Microsoft Services...

But I'm not going far, figuratively speaking. I've accepted a job in SQL Server Release Services as a program manager. Other than the fact that it will have something to do with the SQL Server that I love and community development, the rest of the details apparently fall into the "you figure it out yourself (or else)" category. Heh. I will still be involved with the MVP Academy and the SQL Rangers (of course!). When I know more, you'll know more.

I am going far, literally speaking, since we're relocating from Houston to Redmond. The movers arrive in mid-December. The second road trip for the Reed Clan to Redmond begins soon. This time it's just one way! Maybe I'll be able to make time to blog some of our destinations and pictures this time around. Paving the road with good intentions! (Probably not the analogy I was looking for, but c'est la guerre.)

The only real downside is that packing the house and wrapping up my last consulting engagement are SERIOUSLY cutting into my Mass Effect playing time. Grrr!

Although, I start the new gig in January, y'all have homework. (Yes, I plan to continue saying y'all regardless how long I live in the People's Republic of Washington. He-he.) Your homework is to start thinking BIGGER about SQL Server community projects. Tools. Samples. Templates. Applications. We're brainstorming! If it runs on SQL Server, no idea is to wacky to talk about!!

If there's something that you wish already existed as a SQL Server sample or a community application niche that you wish was filled (especially if you're looking for an excuse to do some coding and would like help from the rest of the planet), post it here or shoot me an email. I want to hear from you!

Wish me luck!

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