The Troubleshooting List?

I guess having "a list" is better than not having a list. Too few shops at risk have anything like policies, procedures or even checklists... but my experience doesn't necessarily track the order that Andy put his list in. Don't get me started on the operational maturity model and how low the industry bar really is today!

But I would add some things to the list and reorder a few. Foex, I would NOT say that "it's usually blocking." Sometimes it's blocking, but it's almost always one of two things (in my experience):

  1. SAN performance
  2. Bad data model

However, there is one that I think Andy should've made #1 because it's the one that we're all most likely to forget under the gun.

"#9 - Know when to ask for Help"
The Troubleshooting List (SQL Server Central)


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