Did we really need instructions for this?

It's amazing what you'll find while you're looking for something else... Which is how I came across this article in MSDN on (I'm not making this up) "how to update SQL Server Books Online." *blink, blink* It must be Thursday. I've never gotten the hang of Thursdays.

The article includes a honest to goodness decision tree for "Deciding Whether to Update Books Online" which concerns me all by itself. As well as the fact that we have to state for the record that YOU cannot update the truly online copy of Books Online "as it is maintained by Microsoft."

Downloading and Updating Books Online (MSDN)

SQL Server 2005 Books Online (updated May 2007, TechNet)

Wow. I guess some people who didn't know that BOL was hosted by TechNet and got really frustrated thrashing around MSDN looking for T-SQL syntax must've complained. Maybe we should include an MSDN article on how to search for technical information with Live.com? Maybe we already have. I'm afraid to look.

I'll grant that it doesn't hurt to say any of that, in the interests of completeness, but what's next? Warning labels like "Do not iron clothes while on body"? What other statements of the obvious or warning labels do you think MSDN should include?

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