Dreamstar: A Cosmologist’s Nightmare?

DreamstarWhat happens when you commingle an organic chemist with his own laboratory concoctions and stir them together with copies of a "Brief History of Time" and "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish"? A powerful hallucinogen, apparently. Heh.

Perhaps it's my own bias (the author is my baby brother after all), but it's much funnier than he makes it sound in his own review. If you find the Dilbert Blog entertaining or if you've ever wondered about the implications/purpose of supermassive black holes that astronomers speculate are at the center of every galaxy, here's a unique and entertaining perspective guaranteed to cause you to snort root beer in an uncomfortable fashion (should you have the misfortune of drinking root beer while reading it - not recommended).

Dreamstar by Damon Dion Reed (Amazon.com)

And by unique, I mean special. And by special, I mean "little yellow bus." (He's my baby brother, so I can say that. Heh.) It's only 100 pages, so if it hurts, the pain won't last long.

Strong Warning: the whole enchilada is guaranteed to be rejected out of hand by all the astronomers and cosmologists who take themselves entirely too seriously.

Let's hope that Ohio University hurries up and awards him his PhD in organic chemistry before he has time to dream up another cosmological humor piece. There are rumors of more to come. (Also, to anyone who may care at OU, our parents may want their beach house back at some point before they retire, so pretty please award him the PhD so that we can ALL move on with our lives.)

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