It’s good to be the DBA!

It's good to be a data dude. At least if you're starting a new career as a DBA.

DBAs top the list of starting salaries in the eWeek survey.

Top IT Starting Salaries (eWeek)

Now if we can just work on the pay scale for more senior data architects... Heh.

Comments (3)

  1. says:

    Unless you’re assigned to a project that is based on technology dreamed up in a Soviet-Era Commodore 63.5 lab.  

  2. reedme says:

    If my first DBA job right out of college started me @ $84,750 then I’d work on whichever RDBMS runs in your Soviet-Era Commodore ~64 Lab!

    Back then, I might even have been willing to try to build you a centrifuge control system out of Playstations (PS2s didn’t exist back then)…

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