Halo-flavored Mountain Dew?

When one of my mates in MDM asked me last week if I was going to buy a Halo-branded car, I thought he was just talkin' crazy. He wasn't. From Cars to Colas, Here Comes 'Halo 3' but I'm not sure that I could get a new vehicle past the Mrs. even if it did have the Master Chief all over it. I do want one...

Then I saw Halo-flavored Mountain Dew - Game Fuel in Wal-Mart over the weekend. Speaking strictly as a stockholder, I'm looking forward to reaping the rewards of all the merchandising in future dividends. Heh! [Now I just have to find a place in the garage to hide the pallet of Halo-flavored Mountain Dew where the Mrs. won't find it and freak out.]

Even though I've pre-ordered Assassin's Creed, the fact that it comes out in September means that it'll just sit on my shelf for quite a while until I finish Halo 3 on Legendary. Not a good month to release any other games, guys. Go early or go later, but your sales will suffer if you're inside the gravitational pull of the Master Chief...

Too bad we can't talk about the "other stuff." Finish the Fight! w00t!!


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