What would I do?

Jason poses an interesting question... WWYD (What would you do) - A random story for feedback

I see this all the time for b2b invoices, but I have a hard time imagining an employee who could afford to work for six months without getting paid... Most companies get antsy after an invoice passes net45.

Even if I could afford it, I wouldn't give the employer more than a week to straighten it out, and I'd be a very squeaky wheel at least twice a day, every day, during that week. If their payroll and HR systems are so screwed up that they can't get it sorted out, I'm outta there. I go to work to get paid on the originally agreed upon schedule. If we agreed on a biannual payment schedule, I'd be getting paid up front or I wouldn't've showed up on Day 001! But that's just me...

However, I know someone who showed up for a brand new job at a brand new company without knowing what salary she was going to be paid for her work... It boggles the mind!

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