Goodness! Be careful, people!!

20,690 work-related injuries of IT folks in 2005? Wow! Just in the U.S.? Thankfully those were the non-fatal ones. How many fatal ones were there? Geez! Somebody's got to cut back on the alcohol ration to the Bungie compound. Heh.

The Hazards of IT (SQLServerCentral)

I'll admit that I've cut myself on a motherboard building out a PC and fallen through a warehouse ceiling while pulling cable back in the '90s when I suffered under entrepreneurial delusions, but... I don't think I ever reported them or lost a day of work. Now I don't want to just out and out accuse my IT brethren of malingering, but I used to work in a place where I had to have surgery in order to use my vacation time, so I know how it is...

Be careful out there, people! Stop dancing around the shredder and running with scissors in hand!! Sit quietly in your chairs and write code. Just stretch once in a while. So that we know you're still breathing.

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