Back Burner: Evaluate Change Director for SQL Server

Well, after Code Project "spammed" me about it this morning, I was interested to download and check out what's new in Change Director for SQL Server v1.2, but I only got as far as the download step... because the Release Notes indicate that it won't run on Vista (the XP-compatibility mode work-around concerns me a bit), so I'll have to put it on the back burner until I've got more than a few minutes to horse around inside a VPC image of XP or stand-up a test box. Trying out "new" software seems like a silly reason to create a downlevel o/s installation, neh? All my dev machines are running Vista or Longhorn (on which I have no hope of any better support from Quest's products than Vista)... Doh!

<rant>Come on people, it's been six months since the retail launch and a lot longer than that for partners and enterprise customers!!</rant>

If you need help, I'll be over here and over there looking to see if Quest has even bothered to ask for help... but I won't hold my breath. All the ISVs that I've offered to volunteer my "free" time to in order to get their apps up to code on Vista have never responded or politely* declined.

* Politely, as in more or less polite. Heh.

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