I didn’t miss him while he was gone…

I don't remember when Jonathan went off the air; it's been a while. A long while. I still believed in stock options back then. Long enough that I'm sure my wife and I had a couple of kids since then! I didn't miss him while he was gone (I was busy!!), but I guess that I'm glad he's back and apparently camelCased now. Heh.

Although this seems to be a re-hash of some old material, maybe blended with some Joel on Software, it's still entertaining: Why Most Software Developers Suck At Consulting (angryCoder.com) I agree with most of his opinion in principle, but consulting is a very large, very gray space. Foex, he says that he believes that consultants should always "do what the client wants." This can be really complicated by many factors because many clients don't know what they want -- or worse, what they "say" they want isn't what they really need and one should assume that they want what they really need, too, whether they can articulate it properly or not. However, I won't digress further...

Many years later, I'm not sure that the angry theme still works, but, hey, my blog title is a really bad pun, so what do I know?


Welcome back, Jonathan.

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