So long 32-bit. We barely knew ye…

As the digital millennium approaches in 2048, you are planning for your purchase of 64-bit hardware replacements right? You know, 2048, when the 32-bit universe as we know it will implode in such a spectacular way that even Dr. Hawking will be proud? Oh, wait, marketing divisions at all the big consulting companies haven't gotten the memo yet...

When the date gets a bit closer, I expect that the insanity may even dwarf what surrounded the Year 2000 boogeyman. Maybe it'll be warranted. I'm sure you know (like I do) people who are still running Windows 95. Because our toasters' firmware may still be 32-bit on 01/01/2049 and every refrigerator will probably have an IP address of its own, this could be a scary scenario, eh? I hope to be on the cutting edge of 1024-bit server computing by 2048, though!

Some smart folks on the Windows team are thinking about it, too, apparently. Microsoft lays out Windows server road map (Network World) I'm glad to see we're getting out in front, way out in front, of some of these "problems." I just hope that 64-bit Tablet PCs get cheaper soon. And maybe I'll see a unicorn with Yogi Bear at Jellystone tomorrow.

Comments (3)

  1. MSDN Archive says:

    what’s in 2048?  All i know about is the unix timestamp (signed) wrapping in 2038.

  2. Reed Me says:

    Over brunch, Confucius might have mentioned that a joke isn’t funny if you have to explain it. He also

  3. reedme says:

    [in my best McCoy voice]

    My god, Jim! It was just a joke!!


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