Yes, I got the memo, but I’m not sure it’s entirely accurate…

I'm not knocking surveys generally or CompTIA specifically, but I do question the methodology of asking the people involved what they think went "wrong" with projects they were involved with. There's so much emotional loading in straw poll responses... and we're talking about our jobs after all.

Poor Communications, Unrealistic Scheduling Lead To IT Project Failure (InformationWeek)

Where the survey intersects with actual research documented by folks like McConnell and done in the lab or field by folks like Booch, I'd be inclined to trust the results, but my personal belief is that poor quasi-technical skills (like ESTIMATION!) are a much larger contributor to the generally sad state of the industry. Sure we could blame others (like business people with unrealistic expectations), but there's not much we can do about them, so it's better IMNSHO to focus on what we can fix: ourselves.

We geeks tend, for a variety of interpersonal and economic reasons (some of which are beyond our immediate control), to be overly optimistic about our abilities... until after it's too late in the project to do anything about the sudden realization that we're overcommitted.

Aren't we? smile_embaressed

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