I’m sorry, Dave. A temporary restraining order prevents me from doing that…

The big legal news (in the US) this week is the Scooter Libby trav-, er, trial, but possibly of more interest to Israeli hunter-killer robots and/or artificial intelligences that may or may not exist on the internet is: AI Cited for Unlicensed Practice of Law (Wired Blogs)

The real question, I suppose is, do members of the future Israeli SkyNet robot army need permits to carry those Uzis? We can't ask Ziinet for fear of getting it into more legal hot water. Maybe that's why SkyNet freaks out in Cameron's science-future Terminator series... It just can't handle dealing with the paradoxes of the US legal system and starts launching nukes!

Also of interest is the alleged introduction by Wired of the phrase "meat-lawyer" into common usage which has all kinds of interesting, superfluous connotations.

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