Installing BSM: Custom counters file view is out of memory

Since I've made a commitment to myself to try to post *something* BI-related at least as often as once every Thursday, here's today's bit o' trivia.

I was onsite recently with a client who was installing the BSM 2005 CR for the first time on their development SharePoint server, and they ran into an error I’d not seen before: "Custom counters file view is out of memory" which doesn't really seem like it would have anything to do with Business Scorecard Manager.

There was a newsgroup post in an internal knowledgebase 9/28/2006 on the subject, but the public group ( only seems to go back to October 2006… and the resolution wasn't specified anywhere in the knowledgebase. Figures.

Vista's Desktop Search couldn’t find anything in my local copies of many gigabytes of email distribution list archives and OneNote copies of most everything I've printed off to it off the web.

Live turned up a few hits (including a comment on the BSM blog FAQ that’s a plea for help on the same issue), but nothing that lead me in the direction of a specific diagnosis or resolution.

A big thank you to Tony for reminding me of the panacea that fixes a lot of ailments. Apparently IT at this client's site is not in the habit of rebooting a box after [re]installing new software; it hadn’t been kicked since mid-2006. Maybe the fix is not documented anywhere that I could find because the answer is silly and obvious...

So, this post is just in case somebody else is looking for the "fix" for that particular error (or if I forget later and find my own blog via Drum roll, please...

Rebooting Windows Server 2003 solved that little snafu (which occurred for whatever reason) and we were able to install BSM without a hitch thereafter.

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