Oooooh! Pivot diagrams in Visio…

It might seem inappropriate to some for me to suggest a Homer Simpson "Oooooh! Donuts!" moment over Visio 2007's data visualization widgets, but... I am. What can I say? When most of your waking moments are spent dreaming in MDX, ETL packages or writing C#, it's pretty cool to see the data you've labored over take on a shiny shape.

Integrating Visio 2007 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005

If some of your power users are closet Visio lovers, show them this article and point them at your cubes. I bet they'll surprise you by using this as a new place to hide new KPIs that they expect you to support. Heh. (I know most of them are Excel devotees, but you can always hope that they're open-minded.)

It's not BI for the masses like Business Scorecard Manager or ProClarity, but it might fill a niche or two.

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