Hello, World! humor

I've been reading UserFriendly for years, and Illiad's usually pretty funny (sometimes even when he's being his typical Microsoftphobic self). I even wore my Dust Puppy T-shirt with pride until a couple of German tourists in Washington DC told me that my bearded visage looked just like the fuzzy little guy on my shirt... *pout* But, nevertheless, UF is my one of my eight home pages in IE7 along with Dilbert, C+A+D, PvP, BugBash, IYT, Rush 24/7 and Drudge.

(Why can't I have more than EIGHT home pages in IE7???! I want more home pages!! Heh.)

In recent UF, the whole "Pitr Goes to Google" storyline that plays on Pitr's evil desire for global domination has made even the classic introduction-to-programming exercise even funnier than usual: Hello, World! (UserFriendly) It might help to enhance the humor if you go backwards in the archives a week or so and read the whole riff...

We'll have to see what happens when Pitr's new gAI goes head-to-head with Erwin and Dust Puppy. It might even result in division by zero. (Hint: Googling "global expert system" doesn't result in a self-referential link to Google, but it does result in exactly the same first link that you get when you plug "global expert system" into Live.com...)

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