What do you call an anti-populist organizational structure?

I enjoy reading Bob Lewis' "Keep the Joint Running" newsletter... because I don't get enough quasi-random input via email every day. Heh. [I wish he'd setup a blog so that I could get the RSS instead. Matt Drudge is also on my RSS wish list...] Bob's most recent newsletter (from yesterday) shows that somebody thinks the economy is doing well enough to resurrect Tom DeMarco's Slack. My boss only has 40 direct reports, so maybe not. Heh.

[As an aside, Slack is one of my all-time favorites about managing knowledge workers (a.k.a. geeks). If you manage people and you haven't read it, you really should. I look for evidence of slack in any organization before I take a job, because I've decided that I've already wasted too much of my life inside the dot-bomb startup pressure cooker. Don't get me wrong, I thrive on stress and the Myth of the Heroic Programmer! I just realize that's not the most productive long-term strategy...]

"The voluminous surface of the organizational chart" starts off talking about flattening an organization in terms that would make a high school geometry teacher proud and ends with the call to arms "Do the math." But don't let that fool you. His point (that many organizations are too flat) is probably valid. At least in the sleep-deprived, workaholic colonies over here...

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