Military to recruit Xbox players in the near future?

Popular Science has an interesting article about RedOwl, a military application robot, built in part on technology from Boston University’s Photonics Center. The news (to me) isn't its amazing ability to differentiate the sound of different sniper weapons from a mile away, because, hell, any drill instructor or gunnery sergeant in any movie you care to name can do that. Heh. (Notably, Clint Eastwood did that trick in Heartbreak Ridge. Extra points if you're old enough to remember seeing it in the theater.)

The real news (to me) is the selection of the Xbox controller for the operator to use to control this little guy. It's an obvious choice! Choose the controller that has the best ergonimics and which has the largest pool of bodies to recruit from. Xbox Live players are the most talented digital combatants on the planet!

Full article: An Ear for Snipers (Popular Science)

The next time your parents (or significant other) give you are hard time about "wasting time" playing video games, just toss them a copy of Popular Science and tell them you're in training for your new career in the military. Heh.

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  1. Reed Me says:

    Although this article does its best to preserve the media template that "Playing Video Games Too Much

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