I’m ambivalent about Exam Insurance

As one of the letter people that has as many of the MCP certifications that I have time to take and as an MCT, I feel ambivalent about Exam Insurance. I stopped counting after ~15 individual Microsoft product certifications. Yeah, the tests aren't cheap, but they're not as expensive as most other IT reputable vendors' exams. A CCIE or an RHCE will set you back a LOT of cash. Nevertheless, Exam Insurance still kind of feels like buying a pass on the certification exam. (It was more palatable to my overinflated sense of guilt last year when it was tested as Second Chance or some such.)

I am disappointed that my favorite testing center in Houston isn't on the list of vendors offering it, though... so obviously I'll be buying it for myself when I go take the BizTalk 2006 exam next month. Heh. So much for ambivalence! I'll buy a couple more letters, please, Vanna. MCP, MCSE+I, MCT, MCSD .NET, MCDBA, MC... Hrm, I just noticed that there aren't very many vowels in there. I wonder what the tin foil hat wearing crowd will have to say about that.

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