Workaround for error in Configure Distribution Wizard

I don't know if it's me, Windows Vista or what, but the Configure Distribution Wizard fails with the default options on my Tablet PC running SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition with Service Pack 1 and the Post-SP1 Hotfix Rollup.

This seems to be just like BUG #: 422648 (SQLBUDT): "You may receive error messages when you use the Configure Distribution Wizard in SQL Server 2005". I suspect it's because I have a default Windows-authentication-only installation (I have not renamed the sa account).

TITLE: System.Data

SQL Server could not configure 'VISTA_DAVIDREED' as a Distributor.


Data is Null. This method or property cannot be called on Null values. (System.Data)



The easy workaround is to not use the default options (duh!) and use the Configure Distribution Wizard to create the T-SQL script for you, which will execute just fine in SQL Server Management Studio. Uncheck the box for configure distribution immediately and check the box for create script at the end of the wizard. A big thank you to Michael Swinarski (whoever he is) for the post on that describes the workaround.

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