Giving Live Writer a try…

Since the Word 2007 blog features can't seem to connect to my Blogger alter ego in the current build, I figured that I'd give Live Writer a try.

<sarcasm>It's not like I've got anything better to do while sitting here in rainy Chicago @ O'Hare waiting for a delayed plane to rainy Houston. At least I have 81º weather in Houston to look forward. That sure beats the frigid temperatures here in the Windy City.</sarcasm>

LW seems nice so far. I can see it's missing Word features like Inline Spell Check, AutoCorrect, Insert Symbol and such. Qué será, será. Speaking as a shareholder, I can say that I'm glad that we're not giving away the full functionality of Word for free. Heh.

<hint>I wish Live Writer would give me an option to export my blog from the host and store a back up.</hint> Yeah, I could grab and store the feed myself, but I'm basically lazy. I think software should do all my work for me. Heh!

Ah, it also has a scary "Save somewhere you can't find without asking you" feature like OneNote. Maybe I'm a little too geeky, but I'd like to know where my applications are saving my files... and Live Writer never asked me where I wanted them! A little digging found them in %HOMEPATH%\Documents\My Weblog Posts\ on Vista. OK, now I feel better.

Next up, why my feelings were hurt that Weird Al didn't ask me to cameo in his latest music video.

Now I get to see if the Community Server plug-in for LW works as advertised...

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