Ask and ye shall (eventually) receive?

It's taken a little while to arrive, but now that it's nigh, I wonder how many *nix users (who have claimed over the years that the GUI was their primary objection to Windows) will even consider a switch to Server Core for their infrastructure servers? Redmond Magazine has a good preview of Server Core: Windows without windows. It almost requires a lights-out NOC environment... which is a good thing. My big concern (which probably means that I'm not in the target audience for this edition of Longhorn) is the lack of .NET Framework support. It's obviously not intended to be an app server, and by design it prevents almost 100% of the bastardizations of domain controllers and DHCP/DNS servers that Furbies and PHBs commit today. Think of it as sort of the opposite of SBS. Heh. Coming soon to a server rack near you!

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